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Confetti (Edit) DPRO DPRO 06/28/11
Cherish The Light Years LP/CD/DA 04/05/11
Villains Of The Moon (Rich Costey Radio Edit) DPRO DPRO 03/29/11
Villains Of The Moon DV 03/29/11
The Great Pan Is Dead DS DS 02/08/11
Life Magazine Remixes EP 12" EP/DA 06/08/10
Life Magazine (Delorean Remix) DS DS 06/01/10
Life Magazine (Prurient Remix) DS DS 05/25/10
Life Magazine (Optimo (Espacio) Flexi Pop Remix) DS 05/18/10
Life Magazine (An Optimo (Espacio) Mix) DS DS 05/04/10
Life Magazine (The Arthur Baker’s Going Back Remix) DS DS 04/20/10
Life Magazine (Pantha du Prince First Flash Remix) DS DS 04/06/10
Life Magazine (Digital Video) DV 03/09/10
Love Comes Close DIGITAL VIDEO DV 12/01/09
Love Comes Close LP/CD/DA 11/03/09
Death Comes Close 12” 12" 11/03/09
Life Magazine DS DS 09/01/09
The Laurels Of Erotomania DS DS 09/01/09


Primavera Sound 2014

Cold Cave are playing in New York and San Diego soon

Cold Cave to perform at the Guggenheim

Cold Cave west coast dates

Cold Cave summer mix tape and summer tour


  • June 1, 2018
  • Seattle, WA, US
  • The Tractor Tavern
  • Tickets

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