Liz Phair


TitleFormatRelease DateStore
Girly Sound To Guyville: The 25th Anniversary Box Set 7xLP/3xCD 05/04/18 BUY
Exile In Guyville LP/CD/DA 05/04/18 BUY
Stratford-On-Guy DV 07/21/16
Never Said DV 07/21/16
Johnny Feelgood DPRO DPRO 01/19/99
Polyester Bride Jukebox Single (Promo) 7” 10/01/98
whitechocolatespaceegg LP/CD/CS 08/11/98
Polyester Bride DPRO DPRO 06/11/98
History Advance DPRO 04/27/98
Juvenilia dbl 7”/CDEP 08/08/95
Whip-Smart LP/CD/CS 09/15/94
Supernova 7”/CD5/CSS 07/23/94
Exile In Guyville LP/CD/CS/DA 06/24/93

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