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Aghast Agape EP
November 8, 2004

Andy Comer (guitar/vocals), Bill Kuehn (drums) and Joshua Zucker (bass) hail from New York City. The charismatic trio create a frenetic sound vaguely remininscent of many of our favorite bands of decades past, yet crackling with an energy that's uniquely their own. Equal parts dissonance and melody, the Prosaics'  propulsive rhythms, boiling-point bass lines, convulsive guitars, and graceful vocals bristle against the austere structures that frame their sounds. Chaos has rarely been so controlled, or anthemic.

The Prosaics came together serendipitously in early 2002. Andy (born and raised in Louisville, KY) and Joshua (from Baltimore, MD) had each spent the better part of their four years in NYC searching in vain for like-minded, like-handed musical collaborators. After a desperate search for 'the one' and numerous traumatic get-togethers (Andy once arrived at a meeting to find his prospective colleague "slapping" away at a six-stringed, fretless Carl Thompson bass) the two were introduced by a mutual friend, met at Joshua's apartment with instruments in tow, and instantly clicked. A cassette of their rough song-sketches made its way (with ample help from Joshua) into the hands of Madison, WI-born drummer William Kuehn.

The 5 song CD EP, entitled 'Aghast Agape'  is coming out this autumn on Matador in Europe, and on Dim Mak (who brought the planet the earliest release of PGMG, The Kills and Bloc Party) in the US. The EP mixes passion, urgency, and poise to create a stunning debut. In 2005, we'll be releasing The Prosaics' debut full length album worldwide.

Pre-blog News

10/15/04 — MP3 of "Teeth"
Go to the music page to download an MP3 from the 'Aghast Agape' EP, entitled "Teeth."

10/07/04 — CMJ shows in NYC, new website
in the run-up to the late October release of their debut Dim Mak EP, 'Aghast Agape', the Prosaics have a bunch of shows happening around CMJ time, in New York City, as follows:

Wed - Oct 13 - Javits Center
Fri - Oct 15 - D.U.M.B.O. Arts Center, The Sound Box, 37 Main Street, Brooklyn, with Mellow Drone and the Tears, and DJ Tim "Love" Lee; Prosaics set time is 11:30

Sat - Oct 16 - AAM Showcase, Arlene's Grocery, 95 Stanton Street between Ludlow and Orchard, Prosaics set time is 1:15 PM in the afternoon; also playing: Saturday Looks Good To Me, The Arcade Fire, Sparta, Q and Not U
Sat - Oct 16 - Sin-e, at midnight, Dim Mak, Cold Crush and Ten Fingers Showcase, with Paul Frank, Anthem Magazine and; also playing: Mahjohngg, Ben Lee, Pony Up! and Lion Fever

Matador Europe's release for 'Aghast Agape' follows on November 8. Our new Prosaics page can be found at, and the band's newly refurbished website can be viewed at

Finally, the band would like to thank everyone who came out to their record release show and party last weekend.

09/03/04 — Prosaics EP on Dim Mak and Matador Europe
At Matador we don't sign bands all the time, because a) we're so thrilled with the ones we're already working with and b) it's rare that we find someone who captures our imaginations the same way our established faves have. Well, not without wanting millions of dollars. Imaginations well and truly caught we've signed New York's Prosaics ( and shall be releasing their debut 5-song CD EP, 'Aghast Agape' in the UK and Europe this October. US release will come courtesy of the superfine Dim Mak label on CD and 12".

The Prosaics are three guys from NYC that have the contemporary vs. timeless thing going on in a way that recalls many of our fave sounds from the '70's-2000's, but they deliver the goods in a way that's so locked into-this-very-moment, memories get erased pretty fast.

Equal parts dissonance and melody, the Prosaics' propulsive rhythms, boiling-point bass lines, convulsive guitars, and graceful vocals bristle against the austere structures that frame their sounds. Chaos has rarely been so controlled, or anthemic.

Visitors to the 2nd worst NY event after the GOP Convention, the CMJ Music Marathon, can see the Prosaics at Sin-e on October 16. They will also have an opportunity to see them at Northsix on Friday, October 1, which will be the record release party for the Dim Mak EP.

Matador will be releasing a full length Prosaics album in 2005.

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