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October 31, 2000

Sad Rockets is Andrew Pekler, a 20 something, Uzbekistan-born, Californian- raised and Heidelberg-residing multi-instrumentalist. His first 2 albums of Sad Rockets instrumental music, available on the Morbid and Source labels, are a whirlwind trip through Andrew’s bedroom studio, a place where soundtracky noir styles, sideways R&B, appropriate nods to jazz, soul, punk, beats lost & found, suave romantic moments, high comedy (in low places) and way too much style somehow all fit onto 4 tracks. None of that laptop/desktop shit either, this is all for real, recorded by a real guy with real instruments in a real way. OK, he used electricity. And these words were composed on a computer. Also, I went to a Starbucks about a week ago, but it was just to get change for the parking meters. 

In short, with 4 tracks and no moolah, Sad Rockets creates more atmosphere and genuine drama than the new David Holmes album and Larry Holmes’ right hand combined. And don’t get me started on Rupert Holmes. His records are thrilling, funny and they work equally well at lease-wrecking volume or at a level commensurate with other activities (preparing sturgeon, exploratory surgery, purchasing a planetarium, etc.). That’s Sad Rockets, not Rupert Holmes. 

In addition to his Sad Rockets career, Andrew is a member of Bergheim 34, a “post-everything” electronic group, millions of miles removed from Sad Rockets. Even further, Andrew is also the vocalist for the very amazing & dangerous Mucus 2, a group who most assuredly put the ampersand in rock & roll. 

In late October, we intend to release the 3rd Sad Rockets full-length, ‘Transition.’ A pre-album 12" EP featuring the tracks “Waking (From A Pleasant Dream Into A Nasty Hangover)” and “Soul Recreation,” will be commercially released in Europe.

Pre-blog News

08/04/00 — Sad Rockets:
Shit you overhear at parties.
Andrew Pekler, aka Sad Rockets: “I just moved to Berlin a week ago and am very excited to finally be living in a real city after having spent the first 25 years of my life in the provinces (Monterey CA, Heidelberg, Germany). But rather than bore you with the details of my move, let me tell you an anecdote I heard recently. Two guys talking: 

John: ‘Hey Bill, an embarrassing thing happened to me recently.’ 
Bill: ‘What’s that?’ 
John: ‘Well, when I went to the travel agent’s to get a plane ticket for my trip to Pittsburgh, the woman that helped me had such large breasts that I inadvertently said “I’d like a round trip ticket to Titsburg.” Man, was that embarassing!’ 
Bill: ‘That reminds me of something similar that happened to me. When I was on vacation last month with my wife, we were sitting at the breakfast table and I wanted to say “Honey, could you pass me the butter?” but what slipped out instead was “You fucking bitch! You’ve ruined my whole goddamn life!”’” 

(Note: the management of Matador Records does not necessarily condone the use of the words “vacation” or “butter.” We’d also like to tell you that Sad Rockets’ upcoming Matador debut LP/CD is called ‘Transition,’ not ‘Blue Room,’ as previously noted). 

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