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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
Jo Jo’s Jacket DV DV 07/09/15
Mama DV 01/24/06
Face The Truth LP/CD/DA 05/24/05
Specialty/Commercial DPRO DPRO 05/03/05
AAA DPRO dbl LP/CD 04/19/05
Post-Paint Boy DS 03/15/05
Jenny & The Ess-Dog CD5 04/10/01
Stephen Malkmus LP/CD/DA 02/13/01
Discretion Grove 7”/CD5 01/16/01
Who The Fuck Is Stephen Malkmus PROMO SAMPLER DPRO 12/11/00
Jo Jo’s Jacket PROMO flexidisc 12/01/00
Edited Press Advance CD PROMO DPRO 10/27/00


VIDEO : Stephen Malkmus - "Middle America" (acoustic)

Stephen Malkmus on The Bret Easton Ellis Podcast

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - In Session At WFUV

SM & Jicks at Milk Bar, Brooklyn, Tomorrow

Malkmus & The Jicks to play Fallon, in-stores, and more...

There's Only 8 More Days Until Record Store Day 2013...

Record Store Day LP: Stephen Malkmus performs Can's Ege Bamyasi

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