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  • Greatest Fucking Hits (Matador Europe) - ole-584 - 2003-11-17



Greatest Fucking Hits
November 17, 2003

Limber up those fingers, put the headphones on and set up the full-length mirror, because you’re about to blow the world away with your amazing air-guitar acrobatics. That’s right, you are about to succumb to the axe-mastery and mayhem that is The Fucking Champs. And the truth be told, the 16th note modaling of The Fucking Champs will make a fucking air-guitar acrobat out of fucking anybody.

Now hold it right there. Let’s talk for a minute about what we’re talking about. Okay, see – The Fucking Champs are not a metal group. They claim to make ‘Total Music’. No one knows what the fuck they mean by this but when you play Greatest Hits you will know that it’s totally fucking awesome.

Largely instrumental, Greatest Hits is a combination of The Fucking Champs releases I-V. The record alternates between ‘let’s-squeeze-every-Queen-riff-into-one-song’ rockers, ultra-pretentious-mellotron-laden space-outs, and strange attempts to outdo Billy Gibbons’ after-school-special-of-the-extreme-future-sequencing.

For those of you who have been around the block a couple of times, The Fucking Champs take you to a time when things were simpler. Listen to 'Greatest Fucking Hits', and you will cascade on the gleaming metallic waves of their relentlessly riffing guitars, drums and synthesizers, the composite of which inspired the carving of all those hair-band names into your desk at school. Laugh in the face of authority once again as all conventions of music are broken down before your disbelieving ears. Now you remember that this is why you loved music in the first place, a love that was without irony, pretence or posing. This is the real deal, the logical growth of that music, done with taste, competence and as kick-assedly as can be.

And that is what you get with The Fucking Champs – a much needed ass-whomp, from music that defies society, pop culture and fucking gravity by not making faster or harder or by wearing crazy masks. Just by making it plain fucking better.

The Fucking Champs hail from San Francisco and their personnel consists of Tim Green (ex-Nation of Ulysses), Tim Soele and Josh Smith. The songs on this record span music made from 1996-2002.

Issued under licence from Drag City.

Pre-blog News

11/24/03 — MP3 posted
An MP3 of "Never Enough Neck 1" has been posted on the music page.

10/20/03 — European Greatest Hits
We are pleased to announce that Matador Europe has licensed a 'Greatest Fucking Hits' collection from Drag City for The Fucking Champs.

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