King Krule

Written from 2020 to 2022, between London and Liverpool, King Krule's ‘Space Heavy’ took shape over the course of commutes between the two cities where Archy Marshall was splitting his time. Befitting an album quite literally written on the commute between the two places he called home, Archy found himself fascinated by the notion of “the space between” – the space haunted by dreams of love, touching a narrative of lost connection, losing people and situations to the guillotine of the universe. Once written by Archy, the music was developed by frequent collaborator and producer Dilip Harris and long-time band mates Ignacio Salvadores (saxophonist), George Bass (drummer), James Wilson (bass guitarist) and Jack Towell (guitarist).

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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
Space Heavy LP/CD/DA 06/09/23 BUY
You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down LP/CD/DA 12/10/21 BUY
Man Alive! LP/CD/DA 02/21/20 BUY
The OOZ LP/CD/DA 10/13/17 BUY
6 Feet Beneath The Moon LP/CD/DA 08/27/13 BUY
King Krule EP EP/DA 11/08/11 BUY


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