Gang of Four

Leeds, UK’s Gang of Four was formed in 1976 by bassist Dave Allen, drummer Hugo Burnham, guitarist Andy Gill, and singer Jon King. The band pioneered a style of music that inverted punk's blunt and explosive energies — favoring tense rhythms, percussive guitars, and lyrics that traded in Marxist theory and situationism. This first lineup of the group released two monumental albums, Entertainment! (1979) and Solid Gold (1981). A third, Songs of the Free (1982), was recorded with Sara Lee replacing Allen. These records have endured as a formative influence, not only to subsequent generations of musicians, but also activists, writers, and visual artists. 

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Entertainment! (2021 Remaster) LP/CD/DA 04/23/21 BUY
Solid Gold (2021 Remaster) LP/CD/DA 04/23/21 BUY
77-81 LP/CD 03/12/21 BUY


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