Breakup albums mark a turning point for a band: the moment when their sound completely changes and reaches a new level of emotional clarity. All that heartbreak and malaise condensed into any single record often makes for a defining piece of work, no matter the genre. The best records explore the nooks and crannies of sadness, learning it inside and out — celebrating it.

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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
The L-Shaped Man: The Demo Recordings DA 06/16/15
Your Life In France (Liberation Remix) DS 05/29/15
Your Life In France (Ninos Du Brasil Remix) DS 05/29/15
Your Life In France (Liberation Remix) (Track Video) DV 05/29/15
The L-Shaped Man LP/CD/DA 05/19/15 BUY
The L-Shaped Man T-Shirt T-SHIRT 05/19/15
The L-Shaped Man CHAPBOOK Book 05/19/15
Your Life In France DS DS 04/28/15
Your Life In France DV DV 04/28/15
The Separation DS DS 03/26/15
The Understanding DS DS 03/26/15
The Separation DV DV 03/26/15
The Understanding DV DV 03/26/15
The Separation + The Understanding DV DV 03/26/15
Everything Burns (Split Tour Single with Titus Andronicus) 7" 10/22/12
World Blue DV DV 03/29/12
Live at Le Poisson Poisson Rouge DV DV 03/29/12
Slash T-Shirt T-SHIRT 03/06/12
Zoo LP/CD/DA 03/06/12 BUY
Adult 7” 7"/DS 03/06/12 BUY
Hysteria 7” 7"/DS 01/17/12



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