Fucked Up

Fucked Up are a punk band. They were a punk band when they started in Toronto more than a decade ago, and they've remained a punk band even as they've ascended to career heights that their younger selves never could've imagined.

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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
This Is Not A Love Song Festival Live - May 2015 DS 05/19/15
Paper The House / Galloping 7” 7"/DS 09/09/14 BUY
Sun Glass / B.O.K. 7” 7"/DS 09/09/14 BUY
Glass Boys (GLASS 7”) GLASS 7" 08/12/14
Google Hangout DV DV 07/08/14
Glass Boys LP/CD/DA/dbl LP 06/03/14 BUY
Glass Boys (Slow Version) DA 06/03/14
Glass Boys EPK Trailer DV 05/30/14
Sun Glass DS 05/13/14
Sun Glass DV DV 05/06/14
Glass Boys EPK DV 05/06/14
Led By Hand DS 04/29/14
Led By Hand (Slow Version) Track Video DV 04/29/14
Led By Hand Track Video DV 04/29/14
Paper The House Track Video DV 03/19/14
Paper The House DS 03/18/14
Glass Boys Teaser Video DV 03/06/14
Inside A Frame DV 12/12/12
Turn The Season DIGITAL VIDEO DV 03/29/12
Year Of The Tiger 12"/DS 02/07/12 BUY
Queen Of Hearts (Edit) DPRO DPRO 06/28/11
Byrdesdale Garden City / Into The Light 7" 06/28/11
Do All Words Can Do / What Would You Do 7" 06/28/11
Remember Me / What They Didn’t Know 7" 06/28/11
Octavio Made The Bomb 7" 06/28/11
David Comes To Life dbl LP/CD/DA/dbl LP+4X7”/CD+4X 06/07/11 BUY
Queen Of Hearts DS/DV 05/04/11
Ship Of Fools DS 04/26/11
A Little Death DS DS 04/19/11
The Other Shoe DS DS/DV 03/25/11
Year of the Ox 12"/DS 09/28/10
Daytrotter Session (Record Store Day Exclusive) 7" 04/17/10
Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009 dbl LP/CD/DA 01/26/10 BUY
Couple Tracks / Heir Apparent 7” 7" 01/26/10
Neat Parts DS DS 12/08/09
Do They Know It’s Christmas? iTUNES EXCLUSIVE DS 12/08/09
12-Hour Show (Rhapsody Originals) DA 06/02/09
No Epiphany 7" 03/10/09
Crooked Head VIDEO DV 02/17/09
Black Albino Bones (Edit) DPRO DPRO 01/23/09
Gold Logo on Black T-Shirt T-SHIRT 12/09/08
White and Red T-Shirt T-SHIRT 12/09/08
Royal Swan (Free Giveaway 7”) 7" 10/14/08
The Chemistry Of Common Life LP/CD/DA 10/07/08 BUY
Crooked Head 7" 09/23/08
Year Of The Pig EP 7”/12” EP/CDEP/DA 07/22/08
Year Of The Pig 7” (UK/Eur VERSION) 7" 07/22/08
Year Of The Pig 7” (JAPAN VERSION) 7" 07/22/08


Fucked Up - '44th & Vanderbilt' EP

Fucked Up - 'The Chemistry of Common Life' (15th Anniversary)

Out Today : Fucked Up - 'Do All Words Can Do'

Fucked Up - "David Comes To Life" 10th Anniversary Edition

Fucked Up - "Do All Words Can Do"

Fucked Up - "David Comes To Life" European Tour

Fucked Up - 'David Comes To Life' 10th Anniversary Edition

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