The New Pornographers

The New Pornographers’ sixth album, Brill Bruisers, has a name that brings multiple connotations to mind, all of them apt, since band founder A.C. Newman acknowledges liking “titles that, in my mind, could have five different meanings.” But you wouldn’t steer yourself wrong if you gathered from the name that what you are about to hear will be both brainy and pugilistic. If you could put a face on analbum title, this one might be represented by a boxer’s mug with a monocle.

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TitleFormatRelease DateStore
Pitchfork Festival 2015 DV 07/17/15
Champions of Red Wine EP 12" EP/DS 06/16/15
Champions Of Red Wine DV DV 05/08/15
Live in Vancouver (Google Play - Home For The Holidays) DA 02/10/15
KEXP Videos DV 10/07/14
Dancehall Domine DV DV 08/27/14
Brill Bruisers LP/CD/DA 08/25/14 BUY
Dancehall Domine DS 08/19/14
My Rights Versus Yours (Live at The Current Studios) DS 08/05/14
War On The East Coast DS DS 07/16/14
War On The East Coast DV DV 06/25/14
Brill Bruisers DS DS 06/10/14
Brill Bruisers Track Video DV 06/09/14
Up In The Dark DV DV 08/02/11
Moves (Record Store Day Exclusive) 7" 04/16/11
Moves DPRO DPRO 01/11/11
Your Hands (Together) DIGITAL VIDEO DV 05/25/10
Together LP/CD/DA 05/04/10 BUY
Togetherness: The New Pornographers Play Outrageous Cherry 7” 7" 05/04/10
The Crash Years DS DS 03/23/10
Crash Years (Radio Edit) DPRO 02/22/10
Live From Soho (iTunes Exclusive) DA 03/11/08
Myriad Harbour DV DV 02/18/08
The Spirit Of Giving (iTunes Xmas Single) DS 12/04/07
Challengers DIGITAL VIDEO DV 11/05/07
Myriad Harbour UK SINGLE 7"/DS 10/01/07
Challengers LP/CD/DA 08/21/07 BUY
Challengers: Executive Edition BOX SET CD BOX 08/21/07
3-Song DPRO DPRO 07/10/07
Sing Me Spanish Techno (Edit) DPRO DPRO 11/30/05
Sing Me Spanish Techno DS 11/14/05
Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) - EP DA 10/25/05
Use It (Clean Edit) DPRO DPRO 08/24/05
Twin Cinema LP/CD/DA 08/23/05 BUY
High Art, Local News GIVEAWAY 1-sided 7”/DS 08/23/05
Radio DPRO DPRO 07/26/05
Mass Romantic REMASTERED LP/CD/DA 10/07/03 BUY
Electric Version LP/CD/DA 05/06/03 BUY
Letter From An Occupant 7”/CD5 04/15/02




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